Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Top 10 Most Awaited Games 2015

So with all the new games that have been announced lately, naturally I am very excited about some of them. So without any long introduction, here are the top 10 games I am most excited for in 2015.


I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. The movies have become more than the mere blockbusters they were and have become cultural icons to a lot of people. And with EA handling the newly acquired Star Wars IP, naturally people are skeptical to it. I remain hopeful it will be decent though, judging by the gameplay I've seen it seems to be pretty much Battlefield, just Star Wars themed. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

 There's not much we know about Mass Effect Andromeda yet. Is it an MMO? Is it a standalone sequel? Is it a reboot? I don't care as long as it doesn't have Shep in it. Please.


After playing Ground Zeroes (which I still can't believe they wanted 60 bucks for), all I can say is that I am hyped as hell for this game. Kiefer Sutherland was a perfect casting choice for Snake and if Ground Zeroes is anything to go by, the gameplay is going to be sleeker than ever and it feels like a proper modernization of the series. And this might definitely be the final MGS game considering Konami seems uninterested in working with Kojima anymore. A sad affair that's hard to ignore, especially since Konami removed Kojima's name from the game... But, still having high hopes it might be the finest MGS experience yet. And from what I hear, PC gamers will have a reason to be hyped since the PC version seems to be the graphically superior version (given you have good enough hardware that is).


While it does seem like a bit of a cash-grab, it's nice to see Capcom giving their old mascot some well-deserved love at last. Mega Man Legacy Collection seems to be a collection of all the classic NES Mega Man games in one complete package, with remix modes, boss runs and other goodies. It definitely seems worth picking up when it comes out. I'm not super-hyped for it since the Mega Man games already are available on 3DS and Wii via the Virtual Console, and you can emulate them easily on PC. But after Capcom shitting all over Mega Man for decades now, I can't help but feel a bit happy inside that he's finally given some attention.


Shadow Warrior was an amazing remake. It had its flaws sure, it was really linear and repetitive, but the depth of the gameplay, the awesome graphics, the humor and not to mention the kickass soundtrack helped make it a strong comeback title for 3D Realms. It seems the sequel will introduce a lot of things to help fix the problems with the first game. You can have up to 4 people playing together in co-op which is already an awesome addition, levels seem more open-ended and not as constrained, and the new weapons seem amazingly over-the-top and silly. I'm already riding the hype train hard for this game. Who want some Wang?!

It seems Adam Jensen didn't just survive the end of Human Revolution, he's back with even more augmentations and more badassery as this sexy goatee cyberpunk supersoldier returns in another installment of the beloved Deus Ex franchise. We haven't had a sequel this soon since Deus Ex: Invisible War. Let's cross our fingers it won't be another disappointment...


While it seems to be rehashing the first game quite a bit, Rise of the Tomb Raider still intrigues me as I want to follow Lara's story from the first game. The first game was a wonderful remake and a great origin story for Lara so to see where this game carries her is going to be interesting. I've heard rumors of this being a console exclusive, though I'm really hoping for a PC release eventually...


Probably no surprise there as I am admittely a huge Call of Duty fangirl at this point and await each annual installment with great excitement, eager to stay in the fray regularly with new levels, new game modes and new weapons and not to mention, another campaign to play through (yes, I actually do play through the campaign, shocker). It seems Black Ops III will carry on the slight cyberpunk feel of Advanced Warfare and considering AW has been my favorite CoD so far, that's definitely not a bad thing. It will be interesting to see what Treyarch has in store as their installments always remain some of my favourites in the franchise. The main reason I am excited for Black Ops 3 is the fact the campaign is co-op so it can be enjoyed with a friend. Colour me hyped!


When I saw the gameplay demo for the DOOM reboot, I just about orgasmed. The brutality of it, the executions, the soundtrack, the graphics, gameplay, everything seems like a wonderful return to form for the franchise. It seems faster, more intense and importantly more fun than DOOM 3 which, while being good, didn't exactly feel like DOOM. This however seems to be exactly what people want from a DOOM game and all I can do is applaud id Software for finally returning mod support with the SnapMap feature. The best thing about it? It's cross platform, and while you can't play with people on other systems, you can share content across them which I think is awesome. Speaking of DOOM and content sharing, this brings me to the number one game on my list...


After seeing the gameplay at E3 and QuakeCon all I can say is that Fallout 4 is looking to be a huge improvement over Fallout 3 in terms of gameplay. I'm still not sure about the story as it still seems very tame in comparison to Fallout 2 and I doubt with Bethesda in the ruling seat the series will ever go back to its over-the-top roots but it still looks like Fallout 4 will be a game I'd gladly sink 400+ hours into. I'm especially looking forward to the base building feature, the improved dialogue system and just getting lost in the wasteland again. I'm playing a lot of Fallout 3 to warm up for it. And speaking of content sharing, it seems Fallout 4 WILL be modable not only on PC this time but also on consoles, sharing content across systems using BethesdaNet. I'm super hyped to see what people can come up with not just on PC but also on the console side. Either way, Fallout 4 is gonna be a massive experience and probably a game I'll be playing for a good time forwards...