Sunday, 6 January 2013

Top 10: Pokémon

This list was originally posted by Thadeus Lorefield at Accursed Farms Forums on December 25th 2012.

So, since I'm in a pokemon mood and the site seems to not have enough pokemon for my taste, here's a post where you can post your favorites, I'll start things off with my own list, so without further ado, here are my Top 10 Favorite Pokemon:


Scolipede is one of the many bug-type pokemon introduced in the 5th generation of pokemon, and I'll admit that I haven't used one in combat... yet. It's here purely because I love its design, I think it looks cool as well as adorable and I want to use one in a future playthrough.


Ninetails is here because of my love for kitsune (magical foxes in mythology), I simply think ninetails is graceful, pretty and it just looks awesome, though its battle potential is fairly low, so it doesn't have a high entry on the list.


Arcanine, the canine pokemon of the first generation. I like it for similar reasons that I like ninetails, it's graceful and looks cool and it has a aura of power.


Floatzel is the first water type to make it onto this list as it is quite frankly adorable. They are also helpful as they help carry people and pokemon who fall into the water using the inflatable 'inner-tube' on its body.


Kangaskhan is a unique pokemon in that she has a large maternal instinct, and i think she simply looks badass, combined with the fact that I love pokemon who care for others.


Lugia is more or less one of the few legndaries I actually like, I like that it looks like a bird without actually being a bird as well as it being flying/psychic which is a unique typing for legendaries.


I like lucario for it's aura related powers, which I relate with my childhood as I could sense peoples aura, combined with its typing (fighting/steel) being unique among non-legendary pokemon.


Espeon is on this list mostly because I used one and raised it from an egg to the high 90's as well as being adorable. It is also a pokemon that can sense the emotions of those around them.



Miltank. I picked up a miltank after Whitney's miltank wiped the floor with my team for a few days straight, I figured I would try out miltank for myself, so I caught one and raised it and! Angel as I called her was a powerhouse on the battlefield, not to mention I find miltank adorable and I love milk.


Ampharos is a pokemon I decided to raise at random once from its Mareep form and found that I really liked it, so much in fact that it became my favorites as she was adorable, reliable and had a nice move pool.

There you have it, my top 10 favorite pokemon, what do you all think? Do you have a list of your own? If so feel free to share it as I would love to hear it.

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