Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My rant on the Internet and people in general


While more reviews are coming up (Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut and Call of Duty: Ghosts are definitely on my to-do list), for now I just wanna share a little article on how I feel about people on the internet in general.

Lately a lot of things have annoyed me more than usual and what I've seen just can't be ignored and I just need to vent a bit. People on the internet are so immature! I mean lately YouTube changed their commenting system to use Google+ and instead of looking at this from a constructive perspective and how it improves the commenting system by allowing longer comments and making it easier to share your opinions and also moderating comments, people IMMEDIATELY assume an enormously negative opinion towards the new system and their solution is to SPAM comment sections with nonsense because they think it will change something. It's like watching a child throw a tantrum because the parents rearranges the living room. Grow the FUCK UP! I am aware there are problems with it, I am aware not everyone wants to use Google+ but why? Google+ is free, it's not like they force you to pay any money for it (in which case I would completely understand your reaction) so why this incredible hate towards Google+? Instead of spamming videos for people who doesn't deserve this you should send feedback to Google and be mature about how you go about voicing your opinion. You're acting like spoiled brats and no offense, I find it fucking disgusting...

Is it really so hard to be constructive and tell Google "okay, I see what you're trying to do, and here's how you can improve it"? Instead we're going "NOOOO, GOOGLE SUCKS, THE NEW SYSTEM SUCKS, WE'RE GONNA GO SPAM THE COMMENT SECTIONS NOW CAUSE THAT IS GONNA WORK!!!" No it's not, ALL it fucking does is show how immature you guys are and seriously, encouraging people to be trolls and spammers is to me just pathetic.

On another but related note, lately I was playing Call of Duty Ghosts and ran into a pretty severe bug that kept me from unlocking my first soldier in multiplayer so I was effectively locked out of it until I could work around the bug. Of course I was looking for help about it and it was near damn impossible to find actual help because EVERYWHERE I see people being so fucking whiny about the game. Seriously? The FOV gives you motion sickness? No offense but if that is the case you're a fucking pussy. And you complain about the graphics? Why?! The gameplay is always what matters and just because the game isn't in 1080p this is somehow a reason to go apeshit over it. While I do understand these issues can be annoyances, I don't understand why people waste their time going on the internet and act like fucking whiny brats about it instead of looking at the positive aspects about the game and what makes it worth playing. Instead they go around blaming the game and the creators because they aren't used to the maps and strategies of other people, saying the game is broken and hacked. Yes, I do know there are actual hackers but just because you suck gives you no reason to blame the game for it, you fucking asshole.

So yeah, those are my two cents and just a little rant that I needed. I respect people's opinions as long as they don't shove it down my throat.

Alyxx out


  1. Way to go girl ;)
    I agree with you. The Internet of nowadays is filled with kids, morons, trolls and all Middle Earth deformity monsters.
    I met a gamer guy with 38yrs that is no different than a kid and moron. It's like I have bought a bad game bundle.

    well...Take care :)

    1. Appreciate the feedback. And yeah, power to gamers, not whiners.